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The secondary cooperative accepts membership from only cooperatives. Not only CFIs, FSC, SACCOs, and cooperative Banks, it includes all types of cooperatives.  Assistance and support are also provided to initiatives in the process of establishing cooperatives, cooperative financial institutions, and Cooperative banks (Societies, Stokvels, Churches, schools, etc)

However, the secondary cooperative does provide requested and needed professional support services to other types of business ownership not registered as cooperatives, likes of PTYs, NPO/Cs, etc, The other forms of business ownership are recognized and serviced up to as clients, not members.

From the services provided by the secondary cooperative, selected and prescribed services are provided at no additional cost to our members, as and when needed. Terms and conditions apply.

Download, complete, and send back the membership application forms to join our cooperative family, for cooperation amongst cooperatives, in igniting cooperative excellence.

Other Types of COOPERATIVES Coop Membership Forms

Completed Membership forms from CFIs/SACCOs should be submitted to :

Cooperatives Membership Application forms
All other types of Cooperatives interested to apply for membership, not FSCs, should send : 
Membership forms to:

 Membership forms

Financial Services Cooperatives  .
Membership Forms 

Other types of Co-operatives    

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