Trainings & Workshops

the below mentioned services are provided strictly to Cooperatives and  more  for Financial services cooperatives (SACCOs)
Cooperative Trainings/ Workshops 

 Various trainings and workshops for primary cooperatives, (Governance, committees, stuff, and members), Accounting, financial management, customer relations, etc.
Co-operative Registration

  Registration and establishments of Primary cooperatives within municipalities and TVET colleges, including support to register a financial services cooperative with the PA (SARB) as a CFIs, and to register as cooperative banks
Policy Development and Review 

 . Professional policy Review and development for primary cooperatives, Including FSC/SACCOs/CFIs.
Credit and savings policy, financial management, etc
Co-operative (CFI) Compliance  
Support with filling of quarterly, half yearly, and/or annual returns for Primary Cooperative (FSC,SACCOs, CFIs), including monthly reporting.
  1. PA Returns and Reports
  2. SARS Annual Returns
  3. CIPC annual returns
Technology & Banking Systems
Trainings and Member education on the use of the banking Systems..
  • Websites and Email Hosting 
  • Savings and Credit
  • Cost Management Systems 
  • Profit & loss, Balance sheet and Trial balance
  • Customisable reports, indicators and notifications, etc
Capacity Building
Trainings and workshops on Cooperative Financial Institution Legislation framework, CFI pre-registration trainings, Board of directors, committees and staff training/ workshops.