CFIs/SACCOs Banking Platform 


SACCO Banking Platform

The Banking platform is capable of many useful and beautiful features for the CFI/SACCO operations, 

The Platform is regulation made easy, and proper indication of growth and risk areas.

Quick and easy member interaction through integrations ( Pay bills, E-wallet, Mobile App, etc,) can be linked.
  • Access it anywhere with any device compatible to connect to the internet
  • Unlimited user accounts, Members, Savings and Credit products 
  • seamless integration (SMSs and Email notifications, Apps and Modules)
  • Regulatory Reports (PA, CBDA and SARB),  CFI/SACCO individual customisable reports
  • Task management, multi currency and multiple Transaction channels
  • Email and SMS templates. Bulk data upload, audit trail and full API integrations

The use of the Core banking Platform

Our CFIs/SACCOs members have acquired an annual renewable licence on one of the best core banking systems, the systems are continuously evolving with best and exciting features which are more of  automating and digitalisation of SACCOs operations

As users of the system, we are able to :
  • update members accounts (savings and loans) , 
  • send out notifications to members for each and every selected transaction on their accounts (SMSs and Emails), 
  • Process Loans Applications before disbursements, 
  • Loans approval process (Credit committee), 
  • Manage accounting and repots , etc, and 

We can do all this remotely 

plus, you can integrate your own systems and applications, 

Additional Features

Customised Reports ( Regulatory)
Communication and outreach ( Emails and SMSs)
Mobile Banking 
Internet Banking (to be activated soon