Support Services

The secondary cooperative is providing various support services to its member primary cooperatives and private companies, depending on the needs of the primary member. 

The services vary from accounting, consultation, taxation, trainings, etc. , and most of these services are continuous and required at list monthly and/or yearly. The secondary cooperative has organised relevant, sound and enough experience, skills and knowledge to give effect to its business objectives 
Business Management & development


Below services are provided to all cooperatives, companies and SMMEs
Tax Management

1. Tax preparation – Assistance to register and prepare books for tax purposes, including payroll for primary cooperatives and other forms of business ownership. 
  2. Tax planning – includes planning for tax returns, submissions, preparations, etc. for all type of business ownership, including personal tax planning, which targets for self-employed and start-up businesses. 
  3. Tax returns – Preparation and Filling of returns for both SARS and CIPC, including assistance with clearing previous arrears and obtaining good standing tax status. 
  4. Income tax and capital gains tax – also assist in matters relating to Income tax and capital gains tax. 
  5. Addressing tax problems (audit representation, back taxes owed, payroll tax problems, SDL taxes and IFRS issues)
Management Information System

  1. Bookkeeping Management – Preparation and Presentation of Monthly management accounts, interim and Annual Financial Statement for Primary cooperatives and other SMMEs as requested. 
2. Data Base Management Information System design and development – 
Designing, developing, maintaining and administrating of manually efficient, easy to use and compatible MIS for Primary and Secondary Cooperatives. 
3. Accounting Related Systems Development and Management – 
Include development, review and implementation of accounting internal and external controls, Administering and supporting financial service cooperative on cloud base banking system, including installations
Business Management 

1. Primary Cooperatives Internal and External Controls Analysis, Review and Development, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation 

2. Cost and Margin Analysis, Review and Implementation – 
Service which is focused on Consumer cooperatives, manufacturing and other product based organisations, costing, budgeting and planning/decision making. 
  4. Financial Projection Analysis, Review and Establishment- 
with PEARLS for primary financial service cooperatives and to develop new for other forms/types of cooperative and business ownership. 5. Standard Business Plans and Profiles Development and Review. Strategic and Expansion management – 
strategic planning sessions, action plans and after service support in implementation and output assessments.

 1. Taxation Management Consultation 
2. Business Management Consultation
3. Financial Management Consultation 
4. Financial Planning Consultation 
5.Information and Banking System Consultation 
6. Coop Formation  and Registration 
7. CFI Establishment, Registration and Support 
8. Financial and Management Consultation
Financial Management and Planning

1. Financial and administrative accounting planning - 
2. Bookkeeping Management 
3. Compliance with Locally and internationally recognized standards  
4. Financial Planning and Budgeting Management. 
5. Retail Bond savings and investments Management. 
6. Options Investment management 
7. Financial management advisory (Personal)  
Registration and accreditation

Qualified, experienced and accredited.:
1. Facilitators
2.. Moderators
3. Assessors and
4. Skills development Facilitators
5.  Business Accountants
6.  business bookkeepers