National Association for cooperatives of South Africa, is a Secondary Co-operative Ltd (NACSA) which was registered in 2018  with the CIPC and issued registration certificate no 1801044525. The Secondary cooperative was subsequently registered with the South African Revenue Services and issued with tax certificate no 554774183. 

NACSA Secondary Co-operative was founded from the need to support primary cooperatives on their different operational requirements,  it is governed and managed by its members through delegated personnel from its membership.

The secondary cooperative is managed, owned, and controlled by primary cooperatives, including Financial services cooperatives (SACCOs) around South Africa and Lesotho. NACSA secondary cooperative is a secondary support organization for all primary cooperatives.

The secondary cooperative is providing support, representation, and membership to primary cooperatives in different business industries within the cooperatives Sector. Through collaboration at the primary level, only if necessary, a legal entity shall be established specifically for such industry to fulfill any desired business objectives (chapters/sectors/industries, etc)
Cooperative Objectives

  • Support and promote cooperative programs, projects, and operations 
  • Develop, review and participate in cooperative programs and projects 
  • Develop, promote and facilitate community development programs and projects  
Integrated stakeholder Relations

Through our member’s needs and diversity, and as per the objectives of the cooperative, we have and are in the process of developing supportive associations with key participants within and for the development of the SADC Co-operative Movement.

Below is the list of other participants we pursue for a successful collaboration and efforts that are directed towards community and economic development (Partnership), via the cooperative model as a delivery vehicle.

The list includes amongst others… 

§  National Association for Cooperative Financial Institutions of South Africa
§   (NPTCSA)
§  National Development Agency (NDA) 
§  Department of Small Business Development (DSBD)
§  Department of Economic Development (DED)
§ Bank Sectoral Education and Training Authority (BANKSETA)
§  Small Enterprise Financial Agency (SEFA) 
§  National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) 
§ Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)
§  Co-operative Banks Development Agency (CBDA)
§  Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) 
§  Gert Sibande Cooperative Movement Forum  

Our Mission and Vision 

Our Mission…  To be the most diverse and sustainable support secondary cooperative in Africa that provides reliable and 
                            affordable services and products that empowers and develops its members   

Our Vision... To promote and implement cooperative principles & values, Link cooperative development objectives, and Provide technical and operational support.