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Co-operatives of South Africa is a registered secondary cooperative. A support organisation of choice, for all primary cooperatives...
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The secondary cooperative has a pool of qualified and accredited trainers, assessors and moderators who possesses tremendous experience in cooperatives and SACCOs

The secondary cooperative has full time, capable and qualified team members who are responsible for the day to day operating of the cooperative
What do we do?

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We Provide various accredited, registered and professional services to cooperatives, Cooperative Financial Institutions (SACCOs) and Cooperative Banks around South Africa and Lesotho.  
  • Cooperative Trainings, Workshops and mentorships
  • Accounting and Taxation  Services
  • Technology and Cloud hosted Banking system
  • Website & Email hosting and Mentainance
  • Cooperatives & Companies  Registration and Compliances ( CIPC, SARS, etc

Cooperation among cooperatives.

NACSA, amongst others services, we provide support services to cooperatives, Financial Service Cooperative and SACCOs. The services provided by our secondary cooperative are not limited to...

Need a Banking System?

We can assist your CFI/SACCO connect to one of the world's best Core banking system,

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